Here Are 3 Most Successful Social Media Campaigns You Should Learn From

Statistics have shown an increase from 67% to 78% since 2012 in regards to dedicating a team for specific social campaigns in media.

This implies that companies are getting to learn the effectiveness of social media in engaging and attracting their prospective customers.

The sad news, according to Webbiquity analysis about 83% have reported their poor experience in with the social media marketing teams. As an entrepreneur its more than just discovering the critical role social campaigns in media plays in the success of your business: but more on how to maximize its impacts on your marketing campaigns. This articles main agenda is on how you can leverage your social media skills in on overseeing and implementing one of the most effective digital campaigns through use of example social campaigns in media stories that have brought about successful waves in the most popular social media platforms that include Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram

“With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you are likely to engage more with your prospective consumers.”

Perv Mom

Perv Mom Series

Perv Mom Series – coming this February

Perv Mom series is still being developed (as of 2nd February 2018) and it’s been said to have a huge social campaign in adult medias. The story about this website is simple, yet expected to work very well – basically, all the most popular american MILFs will be featured in taboo step-family relations. Having sex with step-sons, their friends and all other taboo configurations. My Perv Mom website has been launched already and it’s showcasing the beauty of the content that you will expect from this brand. What will be the outcome and how big of a success for this one? We are going to see soon!


This is a firm that enables their subscribers to come up with their own television channels via their own mobile videos that have been stored in the cloud. This company was very small in 2015 when it was launched. Their goal for using social campaigns in media was to come up with their own engaged and loyal app subscribers. They used Facebook in lead generation through encouraging more people to store their videos in their app.

Since their Facebook campaign launch, the following are the results:

  • Only from Facebook, there is an increased 20% rate in regards to engagement.
  • Half of the total percentage of new installs have been driven by Facebook.
  • Facebook driven installs have more 10% loyalty as well as conversion.

Red bull

Being number 76 on Forbes list of the most powerful brand in 2016. This energy manufacturing company has been redbullin existence for almost 30 years. The Red Bull team launched their social campaign in the quest driving their brand to have more awareness. This was through the use of Instagram in trying to penetrate the Australian market. This was successful through their promotional teaser, that led to more audiences focusing on Red Bulls cans new looks.

Since the Instagram promotional teaser the following are the results:

  • Approximately 1.2 million Red Bulls consumers were reached.
  • Red Bull favorability increased by 9 points
  • Their unconvinced market points went down by 10 points
  • An increase in their top of mind awareness by 10 points.

Girl Scouts

This is a non-profit organization that has been in existence for more than 100 years. The founder of Girl Scout believed that girls possess immense powers hence the need for an organization. This establishment has seen many girls attain their dreams and goals, maximize their talents, discover their passion as well as strength. The Girl Scout goal was to get more people to download their cookie finder phone application, this was in order to find their cookie representative once the cookie season starts on twitter.

Since the twitter campaign launch this here are the results:

  • Twitter-driven apps installations were 19500+.
  • Twitter according to their senior digital strategist was really helpful in conversions while it was easy to set up the campaigns.

With social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter you are likely to engage more with your prospective consumers. Every platform has its trick, for instance, Red bull had their way in through Instagram by mastering its social path thus use of hashtags their tag was #thissumer. Master your platform to avoid giving a poor, bad or wrong impression and experience to your consumers.