Anti-Tobacco Action; Michael Bloomberg Launch $ 20 Million Anti-Tobacco Watchdog

To stop tobacco smoking requires different approaches to be put in place. There are many different organizations that manufacture tobacco products and these would require tactical measures to counter their practices. Michael Bloomberg has devoted himself to set pace in fighting illegal manufacture of tobacco products. He has set aside US $ 20 million to help in detecting deceptive activities by the tobacco industries.

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This so called, watchdog is meant to fund non-profit organizations and any interested party to resist disruptions by the tobacco producing industries. Curbing tobacco production translates to saving people’s lives. These industries have now target the young people as the new users and it would therefore be important to stop them from misleading the public from getting customers of their products.

Michael Bloomberg, the ambassador of the world health organization is accusing the tobacco industries for leading in production of these harmful cigarettes which claims more than seven million lives on a yearly basis. The charitable organization led by the ambassador has since the 20th century set aside control measures and billions of dollars to stop worldwide tobacco use.

This watchdog is meant to deliver regular reports underpinning industries that play a key role in pushing ahead tobacco use from the regional, country and international boundaries. Are you a health activist? Do you care for your health as well as that for your neighbor? Anybody with zeal in taking forward these strategy through writing or reporting is free to join. There are funds set aside to help in publishing these reports.

Tobacco Industry And Government Policy Making

For a long time, the tobacco sector has largely deceived masses with various marketing strategies. One of the renowned businessman, Morris Philip funded the foundation for smoke free world by providing $80 million. This move negatively misled the public to think that the tobacco industries were getting legalized and that they would participate in policy making.

Despite the negative impacts associated with its use to health such as lung diseases, store and cancer, the industry is also accused of marketing alternative products of tobacco which have no conclusive evidence of their safety. More so, this industry funded research has encouraged more young persons to indulge in smoking behaviors which has worsened the health outcomes of the smokers.

To the environment, farmers have been forced to clear bushes by burning just to plant tobacco.  After harvest the land is left abandoned contributing to desertification. More worse is the fact that tobacco cultivation is responsible to increasing global warming.

Luckily, the Bloomberg’s anti-tobacco action has set aside resources to stop, monitor and report tobacco industrial practices. Supposedly you also come across misleading narratives of tobacco use, this charitable organization is also on course to handle such.

It is high time we work closely to save the current and future generation from experiencing the extreme effect associated with tobacco use. Michael Bloomberg has set the pace. Why should we let people suffers from deaths and injuries that we can prevent? Why should we let our children be captives of health threatening behaviors yet we want them to lead responsible future lives? Let’s join Bloomberg in the anti-tobacco campaign.