Anti-tobacco Movements and the Related Actions in USA

Free information to quit smoking, anti-tobacco programs, and other movements will lead to smoke free America soon. Awareness is made in the public through anti smoking campaigns. Media is used extensively to do so.

Even before the initiatives taken by the government towards preventing the smoking habit amidst the communities, there were nonprofit organizations that did the needful to create awareness amidst the commons.

American cancer society

Almost 40% of the lung diseases that led to death in the Americas earlier were just due to smoking cigarettes. With that said, the voluntary moves taken by the key organizations to protest against the sales of cigarettes in the country, was kick start. Sooner or later, there were so many companies that fought for this noble cause. These ads and campaigns were sponsored by big companies out there in the country. Responses were very good from the public too. Youth were protected and their future got secured as a results. The American lungs association played a key role in this role of creating awareness.

National TB association

Warning was issued officially by the Tuberculosis association in the country presenting the close relationships between smoking and the lung diseases.

Kick the habit

A new campaign in the 1970s was kicking the habit. It is to make sure that the youth are coming out of the habit at the earliest possible to build a smoke free society for the future. These groups were talking more about the smoking ill effects in the work place.

 Work place safety

Safety in the work place is not governed at its best when there is no limitation to smokers occupying the industrial plants, in any level or cadre. Especially the hot metal handlers are warned about the related safety issues to not to indulge in such activities where the pollution hazard levels are already higher.

Passive smoking

The number of people who are working in the neighborhood as colleagues are also affected because of the same problem. To not to get succumbed to these infections they were advised to wear masks. Yet, that is not alone enough. There must be better corporate work culture.

Anti smoking campaigns

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