The Perception of Youths towards Anti-Smoking Campaign

Recent surveys have revealed that the youths in smoking are growing in numbers each and every year. The cause behind has been the way the advertising companies coat their message and lure the youths into trying their first cigarette. Movies and commercial adverts portray their message positively hence compelling the vulnerable youths into the habit of smoking.

Factors that drive the youths into smoking

Peer influence

When youths converge into different friendship companies, the likelihood of learning new behavior as a result of influence is high. Therefore, if cigarette smoking is the group’s practice, emulating such a behavior is very easy due to social influence.


American TV adverts that run ads on smoking tune it to that extent where a youth can’t resist anymore. They will hide and try it out. And later on, it will be a habit. Such compelling adverts should not be aired on national TVs as this will reduce the smoking rate.

Easy access

The availability of cigarettes and other tobacco products and at cheap prices will tempt the youth towards buying the cigarette and trying it out. If this goes on for a while, the tendency of abstaining is too low.

Youths and anti-smoking campaign

Mixed reactions are seen as far as youths are concerned. When debating on the effects of cigarette smoking, a good number of youths will support the continuation of smoking. They will not only come up with benefits of smoking, but also the reasons why they should not stop. Some claim it’s healthier as it makes the mind active.

Another group of youths who are non-smokers will view, the anti-smoking campaigns as a good way to reduce smoking. They will always participate actively in anti-smoking campaigns by attending functions and workshops talking about anti-smoking. This has seen the prevalence of youth smoking reduce.

Viewing anti-smoking campaigns as punishments

Some youths under the age of 18 often see the anti-smoking campaigns as exercises that are strenuous and hence they avoid participating. This negative energy can lead them into smoking.

How to empower the youths towards appreciating anti-smoking campaigns

With negativity observed as far as smoking is concerned, urgent measures should be put in place to encourage a non-smoking nation. Programs that target youth should be introduced to enlighten the youths about the effects of smoking. This will create an insight for change in the youth smoking trends.

Monitor the advertisements

Whether electronic or manual adverts, the need to control how the information reaches the youth should be put in place. TV ads are usually strong as they are directly speaking to the youth and control of advertising agents could change the youth’s perception on anti-smoking campaigns

 Introduction of alternative activities

Idling youths usually have time to engage in smoking. Altering their timetable should help in reducing the tendency of smoking. For instance, the youths should participate in sporting activities and other charitable work.

Special anti-smoking classes

These classes need to be designed specifically addressing youths and smoking, consequences should be highlighted and in-class activities should receive participation from every youth. Such educative programs can change the negative perception youths have towards anti-smoking campaigns.

In conclusion, youths, and anti-smoking campaigns need to be a mutual area where one benefits from the other. This will see the youths in America zero down the smoking habits.