How Shards O’ Glass Highlights the Problem of Anti-Smoking

Tobacco smoking in the USA had hit the higher levels compared to other years. Since this presented a health risk to the actual smokers and passive smokers, it was necessary to create a campaign highlighting the paradox that came out from the tobacco manufacturing companies. Shards o’ glass is a company that manufactures glass and its advert was used as a campaign tool against tobacco smoking.

All about the paradox

It’s common that the intake of tobacco is harmful to the individual’s health. Tobacco contains harmful products that affect the normal functioning of the lungs and other parts of the body. A contradiction emerges when the tobacco processing companies in America brands tobacco smoking as a healthy activity. This is followed by numerous warnings about the effects brought about by smoking. Well, with continued advertisements that trigger confusion, Shards O’ glass TV campaign was aimed to expose the paradox.

Highlighting the problem of anti-smoking

Producer of this add asks the American to imagine that all the companies that produce consumable products operated like the companies producing tobacco. He goes ahead to highlight out how this advert contains a selling point at the same time hiding the truth behind the product. This add is a funny commercial truth ad that brings about the truth of health matters and tobacco.

The Shards O’ Glass

The TV commercial ad; Shards O’ Glass created by Arnold and released in 2010 shows a product designed for consumption, but surrounded by sharp glass like razor blades. He says that when advertising consumables and skipping important information relate to a similar thing that the tobacco companies are doing. Yes, you can consume the product in the advert because it’s sweet and makes you feel at ease. Looking at the surrounding sharp pieces of glass brings about the piercing dangers you will experience just after the first bite. You will remain to experience the pain while the seller will be happy with the huge profits. But since the sugary coated substance with sharp razors is sweet, you might continue taking it only to realize the hardness of getting out. The advert that was aired on American Televisions brought out the real truth about the smoking companies.

Impact of the advert to the Americans

Since this ad was an information giving advert, many youths, and middle-aged individuals found it true but hilarious. Smokers were happy with the comparison with the tasty food coated with dangerous weapons. The other comparison that challenged their minds talked about the common foods and how they would have affected everybody in case they contained a killing substance, but advertised in a similar way like the tobacco advert that has serious consequences but often advertised. The ad also saw the anti-smoking organizations like American Legacy foundation up its activities and realized a significant drop in tobacco use.

In conclusion, the anti- smoking campaigns aired out on American TV have had a big impact on knowledge giving. They come in a hilarious package to critique the truth designed by the tobacco companies hence helping the nation to monitor the tobacco use.